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About Polygonum Online

PolygonumOnline - free-to-play, cross-platform multiplayer game with NFT Marketplace and Open World. Key feature is NFT Marketplace with live demand and supply from players. Open World is divided into three zones (FARM, PVP, PVE), where everyone will find something to do.

FARM zone - Safe area. PVE zone - Pseudo safe area. Divided into sub-zones with different levels of enemies. Level of enemies depends on the value of loot from them. PVP zone - Danger area. Battle of players and death bounty, rare resources and zombies.

Project combines three game modes in one game, on a single world. Everyone can find their own style of play and earn in the process.


First, Polygonum Online is like "My Neighbor Alice" with its own island, where you can build a farm and earn tokens. Second, Polygonum like "RUST", players have to search resources, go hunting, mining and craft items. Third, Polygonum Online is like a battle-royale, where players fight for tokens, items and resources. Finally, Polygonum Online is like "DEX" exchange with own NFT Marketplace, where users create liquidity themselfs. Anyone can buy/sell weapon on the marketplace in pair: “AK47 (assault weapon) to POG Coin (POG)”.


Polygonum Online is the first 3D shooter game in CRYPTO with open world, which combines two game segments - with CRYPTO and WITHOUT. Polygonum helps to exchange game time to real money.

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