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About Fractal

The Fractal Protocol is an open source protocol designed to rebalance the incentives that make a free and open Web work for all. It builds a new equilibrium that respects user privacy, rewards content creators, and protects advertisers from fraud. We finally have the technology to get this done: blockchain provides a trustless, shared source of truth for mechanism design; zero-knowledge proofs and differential privacy help keep users safe; decentralized identity and verifiable credentials brings people self-sovereignty over their own data.

The Fractal Protocol helps keep user data where it belongs: in the hands of the user. It does this by helping users collect, curate, verify and privately share data about themselves.

The Fractal utility token FCL coordinates and unites all stakeholders around the Fractal Open Advertising Economy. There is no profit, no dividend, no ownership, and no voting rights via the token. We instead intend that the token functions as the Protocol’s native currency, fuelling the incentives mechanism embedded in the Protocol.

By design, the FCL token fulfils a number of critical functions that ensure ongoing demand correlated to ecosystem growth. We believe that well-designed token economics is essential to supporting the actual utility of the token.

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