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Nuke Wars is an NFT-based play-to-earn game powered by radioactive deflation on the Binance Smart Chain.

In the Nuke Metaverse, both Nuketoken and NFTs burn according to the half-life principle, making holders increasingly wealthier over time. Such economic power is needed in the fight against the Evil Dumpers, who are seizing power throughout the galaxy. But fear not, for a mighty resistance has formed, giving rise to NFT troops armed with skills and weapons.

Now our heroine Nuke and the Good Forces are equipped with hundreds of thousands of NFTs and set out to recolonize the ancient planet of Mete Versa, marking the dawn of a new age.

THE GAME Your sets of NFTs represents strength in battle and is used strategically. NFT troops can be upgraded to rarer, more valuable skills, weapons, and armor. The stronger you get, the higher your chances of winning battles, earning cash prizes and capturing land.

ACHIEVEMENTS * Fair launch: $NUKE is in the hand of the many * $NUKE is whale protected * $NUKE has a dump defense * NFT marketplace launched * Play-to-earn in Episode 3

What Makes NUKE Unique? In Nuke Wars, deflation is the name of the game. Nuclear girl Nuke comes from a planet where cryptographic tokens were invented a quadrillion years ago. Now Nuke demonstrates to Earthlings how to permanently burn the native token as well as NFTs directly in the AMM pool. With the first-ever half-life burn in Earth's crypto history, Nuke guarantees that the price of Nuketoken and the NFTs (that are bound to it) will rise forever.

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