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About Shirtum

Shirtum is a global marketplace of digital assets (NFTs) designed for players to share their stories with fans and invite them to join in collecting their digital sports memorabilia. Our mission is to empower sports athletes to become content creators and build a direct connection with their fans. Shirtum wants to give football fans new concepts to rediscover football by providing exclusive access to players and their stories. We want to become the platform where athletes from all sports can tell the stories that shaped their careers, whilst making the fan experience more valuable and interactive. Shirtum also wants to give users access to a global marketplace to buy, sell and trade NFTs. Not only can users pay to own exclusive content, but they can also interact in a dynamic marketplace to give a tangible value to their NFT collection.

We have already developed our native app where each player who signs with us will build a digital museum where they will display their exclusive content and NFTs. This content will be created by the player himself with the help of our content creation team. We embed this content into our limited-edition NFTs and build a marketplace where both crypto and FIAT users can collect and trade these NFTs as they learn more about their favourite players. Fans can acquire NFT collections directly from the players in the primary marketplace, but many users will require special benefits to access them.

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