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About Lillion

Building community-centric, crypto payment systems use cases with a low-cost, high-speed blockchain experience.

What Is Lillion (LIL)? Lillion (LIL) is a project from Lillion Innovation INC— the company working in the field of blockchain use case. The decentralized protocol was launched in 2021: in Q1 of 2021, a decision to develop LIL POS protocol was completed for stakeholders, and V1.0 whitepaper was released, in Q2 of 2021, the team began to form a community, in Q3 of 2021, Lillion Innovation's token LILs first use case in travel industry ( released as MVP, and testing took place in Q4 2021.

The company plans to make the most of all the attributes of the Lillion Token (LIL), including: a decentralized E-commerce platform, decentralized Casino platform, decentralized payment gateway, decentralized trading platform for LIL and other cryptocurrencies in the marketplace.

Lillion Proof of Stake fallow ownership of tokens in a blockchain as a Sybil resistance mechanism for determining participation in its protocol. The Lillion is a Proof of Stake-based token. The Lillion provides a number of options to the field of Proof of Stake and crypto-economic design, including features such as delegation, instant redelegation, delegation commitments, and efficient automatic reward distribution.

Inflation:- All the supply is controlled by the stake holding, (POS) The current staked LIL is around 3,50,000, only daily generated APY can be out for selling.

Deflation:- If the stakeholders do not sell 50% of the generated APY in the market and the price of LIL surpasses around $5 from the current price then it will be contributed from the main supply. It will happen only if a certain price increase occurs in a short period of time.

Who Are the Founders of Lillion Innovation? The team consists of blockchain professionals, renowned developers, experienced researchers, mathematicians, cryptographers and economists.

Ravikash Gupta is Founder at Lillion Innovation INC. He post-graduated in International business in 2001, then mastered finance, fund management and blockchain development.

The next expert is Rynolds Jorden. He has experience of blockchain developments. The young specialist has been cooperating with Lillion Innovation as Head Product Auditor.

Philip Borror is a part of the management team of Lillion Innovation. His task is to lead to success strategies related to business growth, and PR & Communications.

Thatcher Itri is a Technical Lead, professional blockchain project manager. He has experience in start-up innovation, growth, and development.

What Makes Lillion Innovation (LIL) Unique? The Lillion Innovation's goal is to improve the financial experience of users in all walks of life. Thus, a multifunctional decentralized blockchain without any transaction charges will lead the blockchain in the mainstream use cases.

LIL was developed with the aim of meeting the needs of token holders. In other words, the decentralized token increases the value of a user experience directly related to financial transactions. Due to strategically developed financial and commercial partnerships, LIL is a multi-utility token that allows members access to the platform, benefits and discounts.

LIL Roadmap: The product development timeline might not be final and is subject to change depending on the feedback we receive from our initial customers.

Phase 1: Test environment August 2021 Mainnet October 2021 Travel Platform Goal: accept not only Lillion currency, but also BTC, ETH etc. and enable users to use Lillion (LIL) to book air tickets, hotels, taxi. Moreover, a smart travel platform with value addition.

Phase 2: Test environment January 2022 Mainnet February 2022 Online Casino Platform Goal: Develop and introduce an online casino platform, with trust system for users. The ability to gamble using LIL, BTC, ETH etc.

Phase 3: Test environment February 2022 Mainnet July 2022 E-commerce Platform Goal: accept not only Lillion currency, but also BTC, ETH and enable merchants to exchange Lillion to fiat currency and transfer funds to their preferred account.

Phase 4: Test environment August 2022 Mainnet December 2022 DEX Wallet for clients + vLIL program + significant improvement of E-commerce platform with trust and reputation algorithm. Goal: make a significant step towards a fully working value addition and reputation system: improvement of E-commerce platform with trust and reputation algorithm together with Lillion smart contract for making/solving claims, rating merchants, writing reviews, etc. Review purchase history, see clients’ and merchants’ trust rating, etc. Finally, the loyalty program will be enabled during this stage of development.

Phase 5: Test environment October 2022 Mainnet December 2022 Online Games Betting Platform Goal: Develop and introduce online games betting platform. The ability to accept payments in LIL, BTC, ETH and other currencies and exchange them to preferred fiat currency.

Phase 6: Test environment March 2022 Mainnet December 2022 Social Media Platform Goal: To develop a perfect social network what features you want, with privacy & data control, ad-revenue share up to 80%, content & curation rewards, cross posting to other networks and multiple crypto rewards. OIGA utilizes blockchain technology to track, manage and pay rewards directly inside your wallet! Each person using OIGA receives daily payments for content and curation (up voting) rewards directly inside of their OIGA wallet. The OIGA wallet puts you in control of your private keys (very important) and includes an in-wallet token exchange, including ability to swap directly.

Phase 7: Test environment December 2022 Mainnet February 2023 Blockchain Goal: To develop an ideal solution is one that allows multiple use cases with interoperate while retaining their security properties. This has proven difficult, if not impossible, with proof-of-work. Merged mining, for instance, allows the work done to secure a parent chain to be reused on a child chain, but transactions must still be validated, in order, by each node, and a merge-mined blockchain is vulnerable to attack if a majority of the hashing power on the parent is not actively merge-mining the child. An academic review of alternative blockchain network architectures is provided for additional context, and we provide summaries of other proposals and their drawbacks in Related Work. Here we present Lillion, a novel blockchain network architecture that will address all of these problems. Lillion will be a network of many independent blockchains at use cases powered by Tendermint BFT, which provides a high-performance, consistent, secure PBFT-like consensus engine, where strict fork-accountability guarantees hold over the behaviour of malicious actors. The Tendermint BFT consensus algorithm is well suited for scaling public proof-of-stake blockchains.

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