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About Tessla Coin

TesslaPay is a cryptocurrency payment gateway functioning under the combination of blockchain and Big Data technologies. Without the need for any intermediaries and costly charges for transactions, through TesslaPay, seamless and secure payments between users and merchants (fintech companies) are made possible.

The Tessla blockchain, the main network of TesslaPay, and the Tessla BD Network, the big data warehouse, work side by side in delivering a smarter crypto payment mechanism. This is done by gathering, storing, and analyzing both transactional and fintech data to produce quality business insights.

The TesslaPay platform provides an easy, safe, fast, and insightful crypto payment journey for users all over the world. As TesslaPay integration across partners becomes a success, choosing TesslaPay to pay your online purchases and bills (via crypto or fiat) is the best option.

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